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Melissa Dewulf
Découvrez tous les anciens lauréats de nos projets interdisciplinaires

Projets financés en 2018

Y. Bellaïche and E. Barillot (Institut Curie) From tissue spatial transcriptomics to tissue mechanics 60K€
V.  Colot and V. Hakim (ENS) Epigenetics in slow motion: modeling the transgenerational progressivity of DNA methylation 100K€
J-L. Maître (Institut Curie), H. Turlier (Collège de France) and C. Patrat (Institut Cochin) The unique mechanics of human preimplantation morphogenesis 80K€
J. Miné-Hattab and A. Taddei (Institut Curie), T. Mora and A. Walczak (ENS) The physics of repair and silencing foci 80K€
C. Zurzolo (Institut Pasteur) and P. Bassereau (Institut Curie) Understanding the cell biology and biophysics of tunneling nanotubes (TNTs): mechanisms of formation and specific markers for their identification and function in vivo 80K€