Melissa Dewulf
Découvrez les équipes travaillant, au moins partiellement, autour de la thématique du noyau.
J-F. Allemand, D. Bensimon, V. Croquette and N. Desprat ABCD lab, from single molecule biophysics to single cell physiology ENS
G. Almouzni Dynamics of chromatin Institut Curie
R. Basto Biology of the centrosome and cilium Institut Curie
L. Bénard Metabolism of RNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae  IBPC
J. Bibette Colloids and divided materials laboratory ESPCI
V. Borde Chromosome dynamics and recombination Institut Curie
D. Bourc'his Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals Institut Curie
C. Bowler Plant and algal genomics ENS
C. Chen Replication program and genome instability Institut Curie
Y. Choquet Regulation of chloroplast gene expression IBPC
V. Colot Genome dynamics and epigenetic variation  ENS
C. Condon Maturation and degradation of RNA IBPC
M. Coppey Imaging and optical control of the cellular organization Institut Curie
A. Coulon Spatio-temporal dynamics of genomic functions Institut Curie
C. de Vitry Chloroplast biogenesis and assembly IBPC
N. Dostatni Epigenetic plasticity and polarity of the embryo Institut Curie
I. Drinnenberg Evolution of centromeres and separation of chromosomes Institut Curie
A. Echard Membrane trafficking and cell division  Institut Pasteur
O. Espeli Chromosome dynamics  Collège de France
D. Fachinetti Molecular mechanisms of chromosome dynamics Institut Curie
T. Gregor Physics of biological functions  Institut Pasteur
A. Griffiths Laboratory of biochemistry ESPCI
E. Hajnsdorf and M. Guillier Control of gene expression by RNAs  IBPC
D. Holcman Group of applied mathematics and computational biology  ENS
O. Hyrien Eukaryotic chromosome replication  ENS
L. Jullien Physical and Biological Chemistry of Living Matter ENS
R. Koszul Spatial regulation of genomes Institut Pasteur
H. Le Hir Expression of eukaryotic messenger RNAs  ENS
A. Lebreton Bacterial infection and RNA destiny  ENS
A. Londono-Vallejo Telomeres and cancer Institut Curie
R. Margueron Mechanism of repression by Polycomb proteins Institut Curie
A. Morillon Non-coding RNA, epigenetics and genome fluidity Institut Curie
X. Morin Cell division and neurogenesis  ENS
H. Putzer Transcriptional and post-transcriptional controls of gene expression  IBPC
P. Rainey Genetics of evolution laboratory ESPCI
R. Rodriguez Chemistry and cancer biology Institut Curie
H. Roest Crollius Genome Organization and Dynamics  ENS
P. Sens Physical approaches to biological issues Institut Curie
A. Shkumatava LincRNAs in vertebrate development Institut Curie
N. Spassky Cilia biology and neurogenesis  ENS
T. Strick Molecular motors and machines  ENS
A. Taddei Compartmentalization and dynamics of nuclear functions Institut Curie
K. Tanner Helicases to RNA IBPC
M-T. Teixeira Telomere biology IBPC
H. Teotonio Experimental evolutionary genetics  ENS
C. Tisné Biogenesis, architecture and interactions of RNAs  IBPC
F. Toledo Genetics of tumor suppression Institut Curie
O. Vallon Genetics and genomics of microalgae IBPC
C. Vallot Dynamics of epigenetic plasticity in cancer Institut Curie
M-H. Verlhac and M-E. Terret Oocyte Mechanics and Morphogenesis 

Collège de France

C. Zimmer Imaging and modeling Institut Pasteur