Institut Pasteur

Melissa Dewulf
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Institut Pasteur

Department of cell biology and infection

G. Duménil Pathogenesis of vascular infections
A. Echard Membrane trafficking and cell division 
S. Etienne-Manneville Cell polarity, migration and cancer 
C. Zimmer Imaging and modeling
C. Zurzolo Membrane trafficking and pathogenesis 


Genes, synapses and cognition UMR3571

D. Di Gregorio Dynamic imaging of the neuron 
J-B. Masson Bayesian decision and process 


Genome and genetics UMR3525

R. Koszul Spatial regulation of genomes


department of microbiology

S. Van Teeffelen Morphogenesis and microbial growth 


Department of developmental and stem cell biology

T. Gregor Physics of biological functions