Institut Curie

Melissa Dewulf
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Institut Curie

Génétique et Biologie du Développement UMR3215/U934

A. Bardin Stem cells and tissue homeostasis
Y. Bellaiche Polarity, division and morphogenesis
D. Bourc’his Epigenetic decisions and reproduction in mammals
S. Fre Notch signaling pathway in stem cells and tumors
P. Hernandez Development and homeostasis of mucosal tissues
P. Leopold Genetics and physiology of growth
J-L. Maître Mechanics of mammalian development
R. Margueron Mechanism of repression by Polycomb proteins
A. Shkumatava LincRNAs in vertebrate development


Nuclear dynamics UMR3664

G. Almouzni Dynamics of chromatin
A. Coulon Spatio-temporal dynamics of genomic functions
N. Dostatni Epigenetic plasticity and polarity of the embryo
I. Drinnenberg Evolution of centromeres and separation of chromosomes
A. Taddei Compartmentalization and dynamics of nuclear functions


Cancer and genome: Bioinformatics, Biostatics and Epidemiology U900

N. Andrieu Genetic epidemiology of cancer
E. Barillot Bioinformatics and Biology of Cancer Systems
A. Latouche Statistical methods for precision medicine (STAMPM)
T. Walter Statistical machine learning and modelling of biological systems


Cancer, heterogeneity, instability and plasticity U830

J. Waterfall Integrative functional genomics of cancer


Immunity and cancer U932

S. Amigorena Antigenic presentation in dendritic cells
P. Benaroch Myeloid cells and immunity
C. Hivroz Dialogue between T cells and dendritic cells
O. Lantz Innate like CD4+ T cells in cancer
A. Lennon-Duménil Spatio-temporal regulation of antigen presentation and cell migration
N. Manel Innate immunity
E. Piaggio Translational immunity
F. Reyal Residual tumor and response to treatment
H. Salmon Stroma and immunity
C. Théry Extracellular vesicles, imune responses and cancer


Cell biology and cancer UMR144

A. Baffet Cell Biology of Mammalian Neurogenesis
R. Basto Biology of the centrosome and cilium
P. Chavrier Dynamics of the membrane and cytoskeleton
D. Fachinetti Molecular mechanisms of chromosome dynamics
B. Goud Molecular mechanisms of intracellular transport
A. Houdusse Structural Motility
F. Perez Dynamics of intracellular organization
M. Piel Systemic cell biology of polarity and division
F. Radvanyi Molecular Oncology
G. Raposo Structure and membrane compartments
J. Salamero Spatio-temporal imaging of the dynamics of organelles and endomembranes
P. Tran et A. Paoletti Cytoskeletal architecture and cellular morphogenesis
D. Vignjevic Migration and cellular invasion


Physico-chimie curie lab UMR168

P. Bassereau Membranes and cellular functions
M. Coppey Imaging and optical control of the cellular organization
S. Descroix Macromolecules and microsystems in biology and medicine
E. Farge Mechanics and genetics of embryonic and tumor development
P. Hersen Dynamic control of signaling and gene expression
H. Isambert Evolution of biomolecular networks, RNA Dynamics
W. Keil Quantitative developmental biology
D. Lévy Molecular microscopy of membranes
P. Martin Mécano-sensibilité active des cellules ciliées de l’oreille interne 
L. Perié Quantitative approaches in immuno-hematology
P. Sens Physical approaches to biological issues
P. Silberzan and A. Buguin Physico-biology with mesoscale
C. Sykes and J. Plastino Biomimicry of cellular movement


Biological Chemistry of Membranes and Therapeutic Targeting UMR3666/U1143

L. Johannes Endocytic trafficking and intracellular targeting
C. Lamaze Membrane Dynamics and Mechanics of Intracellular Signaling
R. Rodriguez Chemistry and cancer biology


Genotoxic Stress and Cancer UMR3348

C. Janke Regulation of microtubule dynamics and their functions


Normal and Pathological Signaling: From Embryo to Innovative Cancer Therapies UMR3347/U1021

L. Larue Normal and pathological development of melanocytes


Dynamics of Genetic Information UMR3244

V. Borde Chromosome dynamics and recombination
C. Chen Replication program and genome instability
A. Londono-Vallejo Telomeres and cancer
A. Morillon Non-coding RNA, epigenetics and genome fluidity
F. Toledo Genetics of tumor suppression
C. Vallot Dynamics of epigenetic plasticity in cancer