Melissa Dewulf
Découvrez les équipes de l'Ecole nationale supérieure (ENS) faisant partie de PSL-Qlife.

Laboratory of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience, UMR960

S. Denève Normative approaches to neural circuits and behavior 
B. Gutkin Mathematics of neural circuits 
E. Koechlin Executive functions 
S. Ostojic Network dynamics and computations
S. Palmintieri Human reinforcement learning 
V. Wyart Inference and categorization


Institute of Biology of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS), UMR8197/U1024

B. Barbour Neuronal algorithms
D. Bensimon and V. Croquette From single molecule biophysics to single cell physiology
L. Bourdieu Cortical dynamics and coding mechanisms 
C. Bowler Plant and algal genomics
J-F. Brunet Development and evolution of neural circuits 
V. Colot Genome dynamics and epigenetic variation 
S. Dieudonné Inhibitory Transmission 
M-A. Félix Evolution of Caenorhabditis
R. Ferrière and S. De Monte Eco-Evolutionary Mathematics 
S. Garel Brain Development and Plasticity 
A. Genovesio Computational Bioimaging and Bioinformatics 
D. Holcman Group of applied mathematics and computational biology 
O. Hyrien Eukaryotic chromosome replication 
A. Lebreton Bacterial infection and RNA destiny 
H. Le Hir Expression of eukaryotic messenger RNAs 
C. Léna and D. Popa Neurophysiology of brain circuits 
E. Meyer Programmed genome rearrangements in ciliates 
X. Morin Cell division and neurogenesis 
H. Morlon Modeling biodiversity 
L. Navarro Small RNA-directed control of the host immune response and its targeting by bacterial effectors 
P. Paoletti Glutamate receptors and excitatory synapses 
H. Roest Crollius Genome Organization and Dynamics 
N. Spassky Cilia biology and neurogenesis 
T. Strick Molecular motors and machines 
G. Sumbre Neural circuit dynamics & behaviour 
H. Teotonio Experimental evolutionary genetics 
D.  Thieffry Computational systems biology 
A. Triller Cellular biology of the synapse 


Physics department of ENS (LPENS), UMR8023

J-F. Allemand, D. Bensimon, V. Croquette and N. Desprat ABCD lab
R. Azeredo da Silveira, M. Benamar, F. Corson, L. Foret, V. Hakim, J.-P. Nadal Biophysics and theoretical neuroscience
S. Cocco, R. Monasson, T. Mora and A. Walczak Statistical physics
C. Gourier and F. Pincet Membrane molecular mechanisms
R. Thiam Microfluidics, emuslion and biology


Kastler Brossel Laboratory, UMR8552

S. Gigan Complex media optics


Laboratory of Biomolecules, UMR7203

D. Abergel Structure and dynamics of biomolecules
F. Burlina Biomolecules: analysis, molecular and cellular interaction
L. Grimaud Peptides, glycoconjugates and metals in biology


Selective Activation Process by Uni-Electronic or Radiative Energy Transfer (P.A.S.T.E.U.R), UMR8640

D. Baigl Nanobioscience and microsystems
L. Jullien Physical and biological chemistry of living matter
D. Laage Theoretical chemistry