Actualité - Winter school

Cours - Quantitative Ecological Genomics in the Tara Ocean

March 29th - April 2nd, 2021, Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS), Paris, France
Deadline application : January 31st, 2020

Organizers : P. Charnay, C. Bowler, M. Lévy, Q. Carradec, H. Morlon, C. de Vargas, L. Zinger, P. Wincker, R. Ferrière, S. de Monte
Quantitative Ecological Genomics in the Tara Ocean

This one week workshop is part of a new series of winter schools organized by PSL and its Qlife program in quantitative biology and taught at the Ecole normale supérieure.


The workshop will cover a range of quantitative studies in ecology made possible by the extensive Tara Ocean datasets.

  • Comprise DNA sequence and organism imaging resources from all domains of plankton life including viruses, as well as rich metadata to explore their environmental context.
  • Participants will learn to use these unprecedented resources for exploring contributions of plankton to ecological, evolutionary and biogeochemical processes, aiming to provide the predictive power needed to track the impact of climate change on life in the oceans.



Digital workshop, Tara expeditions, metagenomics, quantitative ecology, plankton, oceanic environment, evolutionary biology, biogeochemistry, climate change.


Application (deadline January 31st, 2020):

The winter school is limited to 20 participants. It is open to M2 students and PhD students, as well as postdocs, engineers and junior scientists with backgrounds in biology, physics, computer science or mathematics. Some coding ability in R or Python is required.

Registration fees: 150 € for academic participants. It covers food and lodging. Some travel grants will be available.

1) Register through the following link: https://bit.ly/3njNbQW
2) and provide a CV, a motivation letter (including justification for travel grant if requested) and a supporting letter from a supervisor to qlife.events@psl.eu with “Qlife Tara winter school 2021” as object.

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Virginia Armbrust (Seattle), Olivier Aumont (Paris), Sakina Ayata (Villefranche), Laurent Bopp (Paris), C. Bowler (Paris), Quentin Carredec (Evry), Samuel Chaffron (Nantes), Christian Ethe (Paris), Damien Eveillard (Paris), Olivier Jaillon (Evry), Nicolas Henry (Roscoff), Daniele Iudicone (Naples), Jean-Olivier Irisson (Villefranche), Stilianos Louca (Eugene), Amin Madoui (Evry), Hélène Morlon (Paris, Kiran Patil (Heidelberg), Eric Pelletier (Evry), Renaud Person (Paris), Juan Pierella (Paris), Salir Suweis (Padoue),  Colomban de Vargas (Roscoff), Joshua Weitz (Atlanta), Patrick Wincker (Evry), Lucie Zinger (Paris)

Flyer course Quantitative Ecological Genomics in the Tara Ocean